Emina Cheeklit Pressed Blush

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1. Dapat digunakan oleh semua jenis kulit, namun akan terllihat sangat baik pada kulit yang cenderung berminyak

2. Hasil yang didapatkan halus, tipis, dan tidak berminyak

3. Memiliki enam pilihan warna yang bisa disesuaikan dengan kepribadian dan suasana hati

4. Warna yang intens

Cheek Lit Cream Blush Peach 10 ml NA18161200768

Cheek Lit Cream Blush Pink 10 ml NA18161200767

Cheek Lit Pressed Blush Bittersweet 3.5 g NA18151202245

Cheek Lit Pressed Blush Cherry Blossoms 3.5 g NA18151202308

Cheek Lit Pressed Blush Cotton Candy 3.5 g NA18151202303

Cheek Lit Pressed Blush Marshmallow Lady 3.5 g NA18151202358

Cheek Lit Pressed Blush Sugarcane 3.5 g NA18151202334

Cheek Lit Pressed Blush Violet Berry 3.5 g NA18151202324

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg

Peach, Pink, Bittersweet, Cherry Blossoms, Cotton Candy, Marshmallow, Sugarcane, Violet Berry


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About Emina
Emina, everyday is a chance to play, try new things, shared laughter and happiness. Emina understand that pretty are simple and fun. You could be more beautiful not only in your happiness but by choosing the right makeup for your skin. Emina also understand the unique needs of your skin. That is why Emina presents a complete range of care products and cosmetics are safe to use and easy to apply for you. “Because you were born to beloved”