Emina Creammate

Rp 45,000

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Available shade :

01 Choco Lava

02 Fuzzy Wuzzy

03 Mauve Lous

04 Frosbite

05 Flaminggo

06 Jelly Bean

07 Tumbleweed

08 Pumpkin Spice

09 Baby Fox

10 Starfish

11 Amazeballs

12 Perky Plum

13 Beet Bites

14 Gingerale

15 Chocopuff

Additional information

Additional information

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01 Choco Lava, 02 Fuzzy Wuzzy, 03 Mauve Lous, 04 Frosbite, 05 Flaminggo, 06 Jelly Bean, 07 Tumbleweed, 08 Pumpkin Spice, 09 Baby Fox, 10 Starfish, 11 Amazeballs, 12 Perky Plum, 13 Beet Bites, 14 Gingerale, 15 Chocopuff

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About Emina
Emina, everyday is a chance to play, try new things, shared laughter and happiness. Emina understand that pretty are simple and fun. You could be more beautiful not only in your happiness but by choosing the right makeup for your skin. Emina also understand the unique needs of your skin. That is why Emina presents a complete range of care products and cosmetics are safe to use and easy to apply for you. “Because you were born to beloved”